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In our Newsroom, you’ll find a full range of resources. If you have questions or need more information, contact our media relations team below.

US Firmwide Inquiries

Megan DiSciullo

US External Communications Leader, Located in Chicago, IL, PwC US

+1 (609) 903 4394


Kiva Starr

Firmwide External Communications Leader, US & Mexico, CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion™, Responsible Business Leadership, Diversity and PwC Foundation, Located in Boston, MA, PwC US

+1 (207) 520 0903


Will Hodges

Consulting, US offices and Industries, Industrial Products (Auto, Manufacturing, Mobility, Engineering & Construction, Aerospace & Defense), Located in Oklahoma City, OK, PwC US

+1 (405) 227 8014


Rasha Adi

Transformation, Emerging Technology, Industrial Products, Health and Pharma, Located in Los Angeles, CA, PwC US

+1 (949) 395 0981


Molly Molendyke

CEO Survey, Chairman Communications, US Executive Leadership Communications, Located in New York, NY, PwC US

+1 (646) 629 7345


Carmen Vasilatos

Digital & Technology, Workforce Transformation, and Workplace Culture, Located in Seattle, WA, PwC US

+1 (425) 213 2195


US Lines of Service

Chris Licata

Digital, Emerging Technology, BXT, Innovation, Growth, Technology, Media, Telecommunications, Located in New York, NY, PwC US

+1 (201) 819 3284


Ryan Cangialosi

Assurance, Audit, Corporate Governance, ESG, Cybersecurity, Privacy and Forensics, Risk Assurance, Risk and Regulatory, Located in New York, NY, PwC US

+1 (347) 443 2157


Ali Colangelo

Tax Services, Washington National Tax Services, Policy, Trade & Tariffs, Located in New York, NY, PwC US

+1 (860) 803 3324


US Markets and Sectors

Ellen Burr

Retail, Hospitality & Leisure, Transportation & Logistics, Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Boston, Hartford, Located in Chicago, IL, PwC US

+1 (315) 380 3993


Ed Caldwell

Financial Services, Real Estate, Energy, Utilities, New York, New Jersey, Located in Florham Park, NJ, PwC US

+1 (973) 236 5786


Taylor Sneed

Charlotte, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Nashville, Located in Philadelphia, PA, PwC US

+1 (267) 785 0751


Larissa von Lockner

Benefits, Flexibility, Recruiting, Talent, Wellness, Located in Los Angeles, CA, PwC US

+1 (562) 458 3880