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Case study

A telecommunications powerhouse reaches for the clouds to win cyber customers

Client: Major global security provider

Our Role: To help define a top-notch, cloud-based cybersecurity offering with a radically reduced cost structure

Industry: Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Services: Cybersecurity and privacy, Risk & regulatory

Client Challenge:

Standing still is not an option

What do you do when you’re one of the largest enterprise security providers in the world and you see the ground shifting from under your feet? This is exactly what happened to our client, the Executive Director of Cybersecurity Solutions for a major global security provider. While they had been very successful serving large corporate customers with an on-premises data center-based solution, the game was changing. It was moving to the cloud.

Except for a handful of very large accounts, no one could afford the ongoing massive investments in data center infrastructure needed to keep up with an exponential increase in cyberattacks. They saw clearly that moving their service to the cloud would give them an “elastic” platform with massively scalable computer power, storage and bandwidth-- something that could easily accommodate sudden spikes in processing demand to actively monitor ongoing cyberattacks. The smaller, more nimble competitors were already there, and the trajectory was obvious. The cloud was where our client needed to be. And fast.

And one other detail. They had very limited cloud experience and didn’t know where to begin.

– “The synergy between our client, the cloud services provider and PwC is the right combination of experience to deliver on a new vision for our client’s customers. When this team came together, we saw a level of cohesion that doesn’t happen very often. Culturally, these three companies are very much aligned around their willingness to invest for the long term and their obsession over customers. The strong working relationship was a key success factor for this project.”

─Sean McDonald, PwC Partner


Go on the offensive with cloud services

When we started working with the Executive Director and his team, we quickly saw this as an opportunity not only to move the service to the cloud, but to help create an aggressive, end-to-end vision for the platform with a clean slate. This was an opportunity to rethink fundamental aspects of the service offering to enhance security, competitiveness, and customer experience, and improve the business model. Instead of playing catch-up, we decided to go on the offensive with an approach that focused on agility and innovation.

The first thing we did was work with the client to pull together security domain specialists from his organization and the right business transformation and technical professionals from PwC. We then helped select one of the world’s premier cloud services providers to work with the team to help develop an end-to-end vision for accelerating the pace of innovation and expanding the cybersecurity offering.

Using PwC’s Business eXperience Technology (BXT) approach, the three companies brought their diverse perspectives together for intensive, hands-on design thinking, augmented by our business and process professionals. The goal was to learn fast and succeed quickly. The endgame was defining a top-notch, cloud-based cybersecurity offering with a radically reduced cost structure, affordable for companies of all sizes. It worked.

We were fortunate that we had a team with an exceptional degree of synergy and a complementary skill set. With enhanced cybersecurity as an imperative, the first step was to design a secure and resilient architecture. From there, a threat use case driven approach was developed to help inform the monitoring and analytics capabilities powering the security platform. The PwC team, made up of business strategists, UX designers, Cyber technicians, and Cloud Developers, quickly helped to build a functional proof-of-concept (POC) on the cloud platform to validate the vision with a robust, market-viable product.

Understanding the challenges of creating work-arounds to plug into the existing on-premises infrastructure, the team rebuilt the core analytics engine with a serverless architecture. The POC showed that the product worked successfully and that the revised pricing aligned with hosting and operational costs. From there, we helped to create and launch the product in the cloud. Within 10 months, the team went from concept to a live product in the marketplace. These efforts usually take two years or more.


What a difference a year makes!

Driving change at a large and established company is never easy, but it needed to be done. And the combined team knocked it out of the park. This transformation project fundamentally changed the way the company does business and defines customer experience. It served as a catalyst for change throughout the organization. For starters:

  • The security platform has been put on a solid footing for the future with enhanced capabilities and a scalable, cloud-based architecture.
  • The project also created an entirely new cloud-based pricing model, which made things simpler for customers.
  • New streamlined processes reduced new client onboarding from two months down to 30 minutes while reducing operating costs.
  • Because of the radically reduced costs of a cloud-based solution and the new pricing model, world class computer security is now within the reach of companies of all sizes, opening up small business markets for our client.
  • This was the first time this large company successfully launched a cloud-based product. And it was accomplished in only 10 months.

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