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Case study

Healthcare AI innovator Prognos finds frequent doses of new insight can benefit its customers

Client: Prognos

Our Role: Together, with teams in New York, Mumbai and Shanghai, we redefined and delivered a new automated data experience to over 15 pharmaceutical brands, helping them provide better and faster disease treatment options to their patients.

Industry: Health Industries

Services: Data and analytics, Innovation

Client Challenge:

Creating a healthy interface with customers to improve outcomes

It wasn’t a question of whether or not more information was needed, but of how enhanced communication could help improve outcomes. Prognos provides detailed weekly (anonymized) lab information to small, mid-sized, and large pharmaceutical companies across a wide range of therapeutic areas to let them know when physicians are about to make therapy decisions for patients with treatable conditions for their brands. Lab data drives 70% of clinical decisions1. So, the ability for pharma companies to reach out to, and educate doctors, about treatment options in specific, targeted ways can help drive better outcomes for patients. Prognos’s detailed weekly information to pharma clients was supplemented by quarterly meetings where some summarized views are shared.

Prognos wanted to provide pharmaceutical companies with another, more simplified way to view the data, as well. A fast-read, all-on-one-screen, at-a-glance kind of perspective. A quick click to a summary of real-time data in a simple, attractive format. A weekly e-mail alert could be just what the doctored ordered. Prognos had some of the capabilities to manage the initiative in-house but needed help to design the new email alert and integrate the technologies necessary for customizing and delivering the new communication.

1Source: Prognos, Lab Data is the Missing Link in Healthcare Risk Adjustment, Tuesday, June 19th, 2018, by Jason Bhan, MD, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at Prognos

“Leveraging the core cloud technologies Prognos had in place, we were able to work together to quickly build a solution that integrated with their mission, approach to customer service and systems.”

- Aleksandra Davis, PwC Director, Healthcare Application and Emerging Technologies


User experience drives design and delivery

A General Manager responsible for this portfolio of products at Prognos reached out to professional colleagues through social media. Did anyone have suggestions for ways the company could leverage the leading-edge technologies it had invested in, and its unique data analytics, to enhance communication with customers? PwC colleagues responded and suggested a Business Experience and Technology-blended (BXT) approach.  BXT aligns business, experience and technology specialists to think about creative approaches for addressing a business problem or opportunity.

PwC’s healthcare digital technology and innovation team worked closely with professionals in PwC’s AWS and Salesforce alliance practices and the Prognos marketing team to imagine the best experience the company could provide for its pharmaceutical clients. Next came assessment of Prognos’ business systems and workforce needs to launch and maintain the new initiative. Then, the final variable in the formula: the technologies to bring it all together.

The core technologies needed to deliver the desired customer experience were already in place:

  1. Salesforce was used for automated, personalized customer relations management
  2. Amazon Web Services (AWS), was used to host Prognos’ vast stores of data and a flexible data analytics platform that integrated seamlessly with the Amazon cloud.
  3. PwC collaborated with Prognos to design the customizable e-mail alert template—with customer experience top of mind—create a plan for configuration and integration of the technology platforms, and operationalize the solution.


Achieving a brand new view

It’s a prescription for effective communication. On the back end: aggregating, distilling, and displaying the right lab and physician data for each pharmaceutical company. On the front end: an easily digestible, customized summary of relevant activity. For Prognos customers: a weekly dose of new insight, and for Prognos, an efficient way to support customers with targeted information that can benefit physicians and their patients.

  • From 4 to 52 with one click. In addition to detailed quarterly summaries, Prognos now provides its pharma customers with a fast, small screen view. How many physicians in the prior week had patients who may benefit from their brands?
  • 0 impact on headcount. Prognos has implemented the program without increasing headcount or creating new staffing positions.

No additional investment in new technology. With relationships already set up in Salesforce, its data stored in AWS, and a nimble data analytics platform, Prognos could leverage flexible, existing platforms to create the initiative.

“By quadrupling the number of touchpoints with our customers, we can better support their efforts to get the right treatments to the right patients at the right time to help improve health outcomes.”

- Melissa Leonhauser, General Manager, Alerts & Targeting Portfolio, Prognos.

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