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Digital transformation case study

Transforming compliance into an asset

A PwC Product


Helping Microsoft prioritize ethics and integrity


Client – Microsoft Corporation
Our Role – PwC helped Microsoft release the power of data analytics to fight corruption in real time using the latest digital technologies available on the Risk Command platform.
Industry – Technology, Media and Telecommunications
Services – Digital, Finance



How to fight corruption in real time using the latest digital technologies available on the Risk Command platform

Microsoft recognized that their sales channel structure exposed them to risks of the unknown, both from a regulatory and a reputation standpoint. That recognition led to an opportunity to mitigate corruption risk while also maintaining ethical business practices.

“By approaching compliance with a growth and leadership mindset, we were able to help Microsoft develop an innovative and creative solution.”

Kim David Greenwood, Principal, PwC Strategy


Helping Microsoft develop an innovative and creative solution

We helped them design a digital solution that would not only detect corruption, but also help prevent potential risks from becoming issues.

We used PwC tech industry professionals and vast knowledge of channel partner corruption and compliance risks, incorporating it into our analytics-based platform.

The platform provided real-time compliance insights throughout the sales deal lifecycle. Using the latest digital technologies, our platform did the heavy lifting by monitoring corruption risks, and identifying trends, patterns, relationships and anomalies.

This allowed Microsoft to efficiently review and respond to flagged transactions, strategically manage identified risks and implement appropriate controls.

“We deployed Risk Command effectively, bringing together distinct capabilities to help Microsoft achieve proactive risk mitigation.”

Sean Torcasi, Partner, PwC US

“Our solution leads the technology industry in fighting corrosive corruption practices, allowing Microsoft to continue their commitment to doing business in a way that builds and maintains trust and integrity.”

Kim David Greenwood,Principal, PwC Strategy



“6 Data sources brought together, which helped identify and manage company-specific compliance risks”

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Neil Dhar

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