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An industry leader boldly reinvents and redefines


How does a leader in healthcare redefine an industry, and itself in the process?


Client: An elite global academic medical center
Our Role: We helped the client develop 12 initiatives to support the strategy and the necessary organizational infrastructure for a cultural transformation.
Industry: Health Services
Services: Transformation, Technology and Digital Analytics
Integrated Solution: Capabilities-driven strategy



How do you get buy-in for an ambitious five-year plan in a highly complex environment?

What do you get for someone who has everything? That was the challenge our client faced when the new CEO needed to create a five-year plan for one of the best health organizations in the world. Our client is an elite global academic medical center with facilities in the US, Europe and the Middle East. It is routinely ranked in the top three most admired providers in the world in terms of reputation, innovation and creativity and nationally ranked in multiple adult and pediatric specialties. You could say it’s doing everything right.

Even so, despite all its success our client operates in a very challenging environment, and it can’t stand still. Its competitors are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on research, improved patient experience, new facilities, staff and technology. Costs are going up and reimbursements are not keeping up. Added to that, the basis for competition has shifted. The major providers are now competing for the trust and loyalty of the health consumer over a lifetime of care instead of just a specific health encounter. Not content to cede leadership to incumbent competitors or nimble disruptors, our client chose to chart a new path and create a new definition of success for the industry. The company asked PwC for help.

“While this engagement involved a high degree of quantitative analysis and modeling, fundamentally, it was all about cultural transformation and getting buy-in on a plan. We needed to help the organization come together behind a visionary strategy by moving beyond their comfort zone.”

Igor Belokrinitsky, PwC Partner

How PwC helped drive convergence and buy-in through in-depth modeling of strategic options

Our client’s organization had a number of highly accomplished and visionary stakeholders, who each ran world-renowned care delivery and research units. Each unit contributed significantly to the cutting-edge patient care the client was known for across the globe. The CEO and Chief Strategy Officer needed each stakeholder to co-own the organization’s long-term objectives and strategy for getting there. One challenge, however, was that the leaders were all laser-focused on their own mission. Added to that, they didn’t have experience working together as a group to help create and then align on a long-term vision and an implementation plan.

PwC’s approach was to conduct interviews with more than 100 individuals throughout the client’s organization, and to then facilitate a series of three large workshops. More than 100 members of the senior management team participated in the workshops. The interviews were a tool to drive participation, develop hypotheses and build relationships so people felt like they owned a part of the strategy. The workshops were another tool to enable the senior team to freely discuss the strategy as a group, converge on a unified vision, establish accountability and build excitement.

Getting to Yes!

Over the course of three months, the group came together and agreed on five goals:

  1. increasing customer lifetime value
  2. improving the organization’s cost position
  3. doubling the number of lives served
  4. growing globally
  5. investing in innovation

This would be an ambitious agenda for any organization in any industry. Working with the client, we were able to facilitate this convergence and buy-in through intensive data analysis, modeling and collaborative problem solving. Using a variety of tools including the Dynamic and Resilient Strategy solution, the team was able to develop a strategic framework for the client. The framework was made more robust, detailed and credible through the application of market archetypes, industry scenarios and financial modeling.

Once we had alignment with senior management on the long-term vision and framework, we helped the client to develop 12 initiatives to support the strategy and the necessary organizational infrastructure. To facilitate implementation, the team helped establish a Strategy Office, created detailed blueprints for the key initiatives and developed implementation plans with objectives and key results. The team then worked with the client to accelerate implementation by bringing leading practices, facilitation and new frameworks.


Aligning on a visionary strategy to drive a cultural transformation

Our client’s new strategy was announced globally in Q1 of 2019. The execution of various enabling initiatives is underway, and the change in organizational alignment and behavior has been pronounced. Everybody’s sharing the same set of goals. From the CEO down to management, everyone is measured by key objectives and key results (OKR) tied to the new strategy. This is reflected in multiple cross-functional teams of leaders regularly working together to align all their plans and objectives, resulting in a number of new initiatives for the company:

  • Embarking on a journey to enhance lifetime relationships.
  • Committing to significantly improving cost structure.
  • Launching virtual wellness offerings ahead of the market.
  • Growing globally to double the number of patients the company serves.

Crucially, our client has created an organization that is tasked with implementing its new strategy and maintaining forward momentum. It can clearly see where it wants to be in five years and what it will take to get there. Our client also has a solid sense of the importance of its mission.


Igor Belokrinitsky

Igor Belokrinitsky

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Scott Ransom

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