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That’s what we’ve done in our briefing series for company leaders. Without mincing words—or wasting your time—we’ve designed each issue of 10Minutes to distill key data and insights on an important business issue. In the time it takes for a quick coffee break, you’ll learn what’s at stake for your business, where the opportunities lie, and how to begin asking the right questions in your own organization.

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10Minutes on Strategy that Works

More than half of senior executives surveyed by PwC’s Strategy& said they did not think they had a winning strategy. Two thirds believe their company’s capabilities do not support its value proposition.

Yet a small number of companies have found ways to close the strategy-to-execution gap. In our book, Strategy that Works: How winning companies close the strategy-to-execution gap, we reveal the five unconventional acts of leadership that today’s top companies use to execute a winning strategy:

  • Browse this new 10Minutes feature where we look at how 14 innovative companies, including IKEA, Frito-Lay, and Danaher, deploy these five unconventional acts.
  • Contact us to learn more about how you, too, can develop and execute a winning strategy.


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