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The airline industry is going through an era of unprecedented change. How is your airline evolving to sustain growth?

With airline profits up, the airline industry is on a healthy track. But, the balancing act of aligning costs with evolving business imperatives and customer demands is more complex than ever before. As you look to gain insights about macro trends and issues affecting your industry, and the various considerations for achieving profitable growth, scroll below to review our airline-related publications and activities. We're not only committed to sharing perspectives that identify the latest industry challenges, we also outline executable strategies for addressing them.

Executive spotlight

Predictive maintenance for airlines: Leveraging aircraft sensor data and maintenance logs to help airlines avoid costly maintenance delays and cancellations. 

The disruptors: how five key factors can make or break your business

PwC uses predictive maintenance to help clients avoid costly delays and cancellations

For aviation companies, delays and cancellations are a huge and expensive problem. Up to 30% of the total delay time is due to unplanned maintenance. PwC uses advanced analytics to rationalise, predict and streamline maintenance, helping aviation clients increase maintenance efficiency, improve the health of their fleet, and reduce delays and cancellations. This predictive maintenance approach can also help improve areas like supply chain optimisation, inventory allocation and planning, aircraft reliability improvement and operation and schedule planning. Predictive maintenance can also be applied to other sectors such as railway, automotive, power and utilities.

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