The PwC - Guidewire Alliance


PwC has had an alliance with Guidewire that dates back to 2003 and has worked on over 45 Guidewire projects to date. In 2012, PwC was Guidewire’s Partner of the Year for North American and were designated the 2013 Platinum Partner of the Year at the 2013 Guidewire Users Group Conference.

PwC provides insurance companies a customized approach to and end-to-end solution in core system transformation projects. It is normal for Guidewire to focus on the software configuration and application implementation, but this typically covers only a quarter of what companies need to accomplish in order to address the overall project lifecycle. We work with insurers to align these technology solutions with business goals to reduce the risks of the implementation and deliver the project on time and within the estimated budget.

We specialize in the following key areas:

Transformation strategy and roadmap

Many carriers implement Guidewire's product suite on major business transformation programs. PwC helps P&C carriers develop these transformation strategies and roadmaps across billing, claims, policy administration and underwriting. We work with clients to develop a business case and future state roadmap based on leading practices in order to meet specific business and technical goals and requirements.

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Implementation leading practices

By leveraging our accelerators and knowledge base (which includes a Guidewire center of excellence), PwC helps clients with the following during implementation:

  • Mobilization and program management leading practices for Guidewire and Agile methodology
  • Business process flows, business user narratives, and leading practices for insurance operations based on the Guidewire suite
  • Configuration best practices and business product specific code for the Guidewire suite and multiple insurance lines
  • Reporting and analytics frameworks based on the Guidewire data model
  • Architectural designs and pre-built integration adapters for common services
  • Testing framework and test cases built specifically around the Guidewire platform
  • Data conversion mapping for the Guidewire suite

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Change management and organizational readiness

Preparing an organization to effectively and successfully use Guidewire requires changing fundamental behaviors via user training, deployment planning, communications, organization and process change. PwC helps clients assess these requirements and impact of these activities so they can make the most effective use of Guidewire's software.

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Hosting and application management

This includes infrastructure hosting (as needed), ongoing management and maintenance of Guidewire apps, Guidewire enhancements and upgrades, and leveraging offshore resources for cost-effective implementation.

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Our team

We have over 400 consultants who are trained and certified on the Guidewire platform and have been involvement in many PolicyCenter, BillingCenter and ClaimCenter projects. We understand Guidewire's flexibility and strengths, and are experienced in performing Guidewire software configuration and implementations at small, mid-sized and large insurers.

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