The state of higher education: Challenges and opportunities in 2019

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Perspectives in higher education

The 2019 report addresses the admissions scandal, our annual Washington update, our views on the state of compliance and the future of liberal arts education. Additionally, we feature certain key items institutions are focused on including technological innovation, investments in campus facilities and international areas of focus. Finally, with the myriad of opportunities and challenges facing institutions, the role of the audit committee have never been more important and we take a closer look at their current role, as well as best practices associated with crisis management.

Responding to a crisis and protecting your brand

In Spring 2019, a scandal surfaced in higher education revealing bribery and corruption involving wealthy parents paying off test administrators to help improve their children’s standardized test scores, and certain coaches assisting a college admissions advisor in gaining admissions to elite universities in return for illegal payments. This case has been widely reported and has cast a negative light on the college admissions process. The admissions process and how exceptions are made to standard procedures has not been a significant focus area at most institutions. Although this scandal appears to be limited to certain institutions, parents and coaches, the general discussion quickly turned to the entire higher education system and how it benefits the upper class. This year’s Perspectives in Higher Education shares more details but you can also read more on this in our Emerging college admissions scandal.

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