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Price Transparency 2021

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Tune into this episode of PwC's Next in Health to hear Health Research Institute (HRI) leader, Benjamin Isgur, and HRI Regulatory Center leader, Trine Tsouderos in discussion with HRI's Crystal Yednak, on the new price transparency and impacts to healthcare stakeholders, including:

  • What do the new rules mean for providers and payers?
  • How will providers and payers use the newly available pricing data in upcoming negotiations?
  • How can consumers use this information?
  • What are the implications of these new rules on new entrants?

Topics: price transparency, surprise billing, payers, providers, new entrants

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Trine K. Tsouderos

Trine K. Tsouderos

Business Insights, Sectors Leader and Health Research Institute Leader, PwC US

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Igor Belokrinitsky

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