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Technology and business models in financial services are changing quickly. DeNovo harnesses the power of PwC's network of subject matter experts to help you find practical ways to identify and use innovation.

DeNovo makes innovation practical

DeNovo is the digital front door to PwC’s financial services practice. Quickly locate experts on emerging technology and innovation, ask them questions and get practical answers.


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Welcome to DeNovo

A platform you can search for analysis on startup companies, emerging technologies and trends, assess the impact of innovation on your business, follow the topics that interest you, and create custom labels and keep notes on the topics you are monitoring.


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Use DeNovo to:

  • Drive more revenue, identify more customers, cut expenses. 
  • Stay informed of the trends and challenges in your industry. 
  • Partner, acquire, invest or deploy new technologies.


How you can use DeNovo

Decision-makers need to cut through the noise in FinTech innovation to translate disruption into strategy. These use cases illustrate possible ways DeNovo can help you meet your specific business needs, whatever your role.


The CEO of a regional property and casualty insurance company with limited resources wants to deploy a build-or-buy strategy that will let the firm keep up with the competition despite a smaller technology spend. DeNovo can support that strategy by helping the CEO determine where to innovate — for example, self-service tools for customers, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics. DeNovo can then elevate the leading options and help the CEO find potential partners in less time for efficient, cost-effective action.

The CTO of a global capital markets firm realizes that multiple emerging digital technologies are poised to upend the industry’s traditional way of doing business. He needs to familiarize his team with those technologies while assessing the companies operating in this new space— for example, niche blockchain vendors who specialize in rapid, secure authentication of cross-border settlements. DeNovo can help the CTO find the best match between vendor and use case and alert the firm over time as better contenders enter the marketplace.

A business unit head at a lender has been so preoccupied by regulatory issues that he has little time to generate suggestions about lowering costs in advance of the department’s upcoming annual planning meeting. With his DeNovo Premium subscription, he requests Company Assessments and Analyses, which help him identify specific companies that can help lower the costs of fulfillment and servicing. Armed with DeNovo’s research, he arrives at the planning meeting ready to present a list of potential technology partners and the specific business benefits each one could deliver.

The head of innovation at a payments firm is always looking for start-ups and new market entrants with long-term promise. Using DeNovo, she can identify innovators around the world and leverage PwC’s analysis for early-stage due diligence. The firm may save time and money on evaluation while zeroing in on a short list of promising partnership and acquisition opportunities in areas ranging from mobile wallets and cryptotechnologies to fraud management.

The head of strategy at a multi-line financial institution fields multiple emails each day from the CEO, who wants instant perspective on companies and new concepts in the news. DeNovo can help her elevate urgent requests for specific information into a broader strategic conversation that includes assessments of the implications of various trends and technologies as well as a recommendation on what to do about them. By supplementing in-house analysis with the best of PwC’s broad expertise, she could give the CEO well-rounded and relevant answers — in minutes.

The head of digital client experience at a wealth management firm is concerned about deploying new digital experiences to attract millennial clients without alienating older clients who are less technology-savvy. The firm could use DeNovo to monitor trends, evaluate the maturity level of various technologies, and identify market leaders so it can make wise decisions about where to focus its business development efforts. This would enable the firm to adopt best-in-class digital experiences that improve retention of existing clients while attracting younger ones who are exploring wealth management services for the first time.

A private equity firm wants to deploy a roll-up strategy combining several FinTech start-ups into a single investment thesis. DeNovo’s Innovation Nexus can make it easier for the firm to evaluate specific companies in the context of industry-specific trends, technology topics, business models, and processes — then drill down to identify entire groupings of companies whose offerings can complement and enhance each other. As a result, the firm could model their fund more holistically around a theme or objective.

DeNovo offers deep and broad coverage of innovation across five financial industries:

Banking services

  • Small and medium business banking
  • Small and medium business lending
  • Cash and treasury management
  • Commercial real estate
  • Other wholesale lending
  • Auto finance
  • Deposit products
  • Residential real estate
  • Student lending
  • Personal credit

Capital markets

  • Advisory services
  • Origination
  • Sales and trading
  • Alternative investment exchanges
  • Inter-dealer brokers
  • Market exchanges
  • Market utilities
  • Custody and asset servicing
  • Trading and execution

Investment and wealth management

  • Private banking
  • Retail wealth and brokerage services
  • Hedge funds and fund of funds
  • Traditional funds
  • Private equity and venture capital


  • Employee benefits
  • Individual life and A&H
  • Retirement savings benefits
  • Auto insurance
  • Commercial insurance
  • Personal coverage (non-auto)
  • Reinsurance

Transaction and payment services

  • Card issuing and processing
  • Funds transfer, remittance, and bill pay
  • Merchant acquiring & processing
  • Payment networks
  • Point of sale and online checkout solutions



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