Fair lending compliance services

PwC's highly-skilled team of economists, statisticians, and regulatory professionals has substantial experience with all types of lenders and loan products and keenly understands the fair lending risks inherent to each stage of the origination process. With our blend of regulatory experience, industry knowledge, and state-of-the-art technologies, we are well-positioned to assist you with your fair lending compliance risk management needs.

Our services

  • Fair lending self-assessments: We combine an in-depth review of policies, procedures, and practices with targeted statistical analyses of loan origination databases to assess a lender's primary fair lending risk areas. Further, by combining our regulatory experience with leading industry practices, we offer specific recommendations to improve your fair lending compliance risk management system.
  • Automated fair lending monitoring tools: Once customized to a lender's specific business, our statistically-based models can test - in minutes - thousands of loan records for significant disparities in outcomes between "similarly-situated" groups of borrowers. By statistically controlling for the many legitimate cost- and risk-based factors that may contribute to observed outcome differences, these automated tools can drastically reduce a lender's compliance review time and costs.
  • Fair lending due diligence: For a proposed merger or acquisition, we assess the acquirees potential fair lending risks as well as the quality of its fair lending compliance risk management system; and
  • Fair lending litigation support: Our experience in the statistical analysis of large databases, and our understanding of the fair lending risks inherent to all stages of the lending process, position us well to assist inside and outside counsel with their response to government investigations and civil litigation.
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