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Outlook for the sports market in North America through 2020

Welcome to the 2016 edition of the PwC Sports Outlook

The publication, authored by leaders of the PwC US Sports Practice, looks at recent results and potential opportunities and challenges to future industry growth, as well as revenue projections through 2020 within four key segments of the sports market; Gate Revenues, Media Rights, Sponsorship, and Merchandising. Findings draw on insights based on historical and current data alongside informed assumptions from our industry specialists related to factors likely to impact future trends.

Featured topics in this year’s coverage include the season ticket remodel, premium seat market size, fan zone building program, immersive digital products, sponsorship segment composition, and retail business models.

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This year’s edition refreshes our five-year revenue forecasts through 2020 within four key segments of the North American sports market:

Gate revenues

Primary market ticket sales for live sporting events. Non-recurring seat premiums and license costs are not included.

Media rights

Fees paid to show sporting events on broadcast and cable television networks, television stations, terrestrial radio, satellite radio, the Internet, and on mobile devices.


Fees paid to have a brand associated with a team, league, facility or event, including naming and category rights.


The sale of licensed products with team and league logos, player likenesses, and other intellectual property. Food concession revenues are not included.

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