PwC’s Financial Crimes Unit

PwC's Financial Crimes Unit (FCU) delivers strategic and operational expertise to C-suites and boards grappling with increasingly complex financial threats. Structured to reflect the multi-disciplinary financial crime task forces established by major financial institutions and government agencies, the FCU is comprised of more than 300 professionals in cybersecurity, anti-money laundering, sanctions, fraud, and anti-bribery/corruption.

This combination of disciplines brings to bear the full breadth of PwC’s technology, regulatory, and investigative experience from its financial services and forensics advisory groups. Led by the FBI's former Deputy Director, Sean Joyce, the FCU advises the largest global and US institutions across the banking, capital markets, asset management, and insurance industries.

We are proud to present a dynamic platform of financial crime solutions and look forward to serving you!

Financial Crimes Unit on anti-money laundering and sanctions

PwC’s Sean Joyce and Jeff Lavine discuss anti-money laundering and sanctions.

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Financial crime solutions


Cyber-related incidents represent a growing threat to the reputation and economic stability of financial institutions. At PwC, we understand the importance of mitigating cyber risks and crafting a comprehensive risk management program to ensure the highest caliber of cyber resiliency.

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Anti-money laundering and sanctions

Financial institutions are increasingly seeking to build integrated AML and sanctions control programs. At PwC, we have professionals that perform money laundering vulnerability assessments, compliance program evaluations, and gap analyses. We can develop a recommended approach for reducing risk, enhancing risk management, and implementing operational solutions.

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Fraud continues to pose an increasing threat to the financial services industry as fraudsters are constantly enhancing their schemes to make detection by traditional fraud models more difficult. In addition, regulators continue to expect more from organizations in managing fraud. PwC delivers beyond the essential compliance programs, internal controls and traditional risk management, offering a sophisticated, flexible approach that reflects your culture, needs and issues, and the overlap with other areas of financial crime.

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Anti-bribery and corruption

Proliferating global opportunities raises the risk of international corruption. Governments around the world are taking corruption risk seriously. From the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in the US to the UK Bribery Act and the German prosecutor general's office, regulators are investigating public and private corruption to promote fair and transparent business practice. At PwC, we understand that clients need to stay ahead of the curve to conform to international expectations while continuing their global expansion.

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