Alessandro Di Stefano

Alessandro Di Stefano

Partner, PwC US

Alessandro is an International Tax Service (ITS) Associate Partner of PwC Italy, currently based in New York at the International Tax Desk program, where he is the head of the Italian desk.

He has been with the PwC's network for almost thirteen years.

Alessandro has an extensive experience on advising corporate players investing into Italy. His key areas of experience are cross-border tax-efficient financing and holding structures, general and specific anti-avoidance/anti-abuse provisions, economic substance related issues, withholding tax planning, tax implications of value chain transformations, Italian CFC regulations, PE issues and treaty planning techniques. Alessandro has also a significant experience on designing tax-efficient structures for Italian businesses investing outbound.

Since he joined the International Tax Desk program, Alessandro has been exposed to the corporate tax rules of a number of other countries, among which the US, becoming acquainted with those and bolstering his knowledge about the way tax systems of different countries interact one another in an international context. Thanks to this unique position, he has been able to develop a more comprehensive and holistic approach to tax planning.

Alessandro is the author of a number of articles about International and Italian tax topics.

Alessandro holds degree in Economics and is active in the International Taxation department of the Certified Tax Accountants' association of Milan, where he is a frequent speaker about international tax topics.

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