Flexibility² Talent Network™ FAQs

What is PwC's Flexibility² Talent Network (FTN)?

PwC's Flexibility² Talent Network is an internal pool of temporary PwC employees who work with us a few months of the year. FTN allows us to source our own network of qualified talent, while continuing to drive quality.

Who is an FTN member?

An FTN member is an individual who works for a definitive period at a specific level in a particular client role. This individual works for us for a portion of the year, as part of an engagement team, and serves public and/or private clients in a variety of industries. Candidates may recur as an FTN member if there are business needs and his/her performance warrants it. This supports seamless client service and a better people experience for the FTN member and engagement team.

What level of candidate typically fills an FTN need?

Opportunities primarily exist at the senior associate and experienced associate levels within the Assurance and Tax lines of service. However, we will continue to source qualified candidates to meet business needs each year. 

What are the main differences between FTN members and traditional employees?

FTN members generally work for PwC less than six months of the year and are called in for a definitive period of time to do a specific role based on business needs.

Why would someone choose to be an FTN member versus a traditional employee?

The FTN program can be an attractive option for individuals who want to stay connected to the firm, our profession or the industry, and enjoy a variety of client cultures and experiences for a few months of the year, and have enough free time to pursue other interests for the rest of the year. FTN is not appropriate for an individual currently looking for full time employment.

Are FTN members full-time, part-time or a combination of both?

FTN members may be a combination of both depending on the need. FTN needs will be decided at the discretion of each market, depending on business needs.

What are the general guidelines for an FTN member's working hours and employment contract period?

The length of the FTN employment contract and the expected hours are dependent on the business need and can range full-time (40+ hours per week) to part-time (20-30 hours per week) during the employment period. The average employment contract is expected to be between 4-6 months.

How will an FTN member be compensated?

FTN employees are paid competitively based on market conditions. In addition, they may be eligible to receive a completion bonus which would be paid within 30 days of separation.

What benefit programs are FTN members eligible for?

FTN members who work 20 hours or more per week are eligible to participate in certain of the firm's qualified retirement, Health & Welfare and other benefits. Most of these benefits are available from the FTN member's start date through the term of employment.

Are FTN members eligible for vacation, holiday and sick/personal time?

Compensation for vacation, holiday and personal time off depends on contract arrangements and should be discussed with the recruiter.

Can FTN members be considered for traditional employment?

The FTN positions are not temporary to permanent roles and should not be used as a means to a traditional opportunity. If you are interested in a traditional opportunity, you should apply to a traditional open role.

What is the interview process?

The interview process will be initiated by the FTN recruiting team. Once it has been determined that a candidate is qualified for the FTN open position, interviews will be set-up, including with leaders in the local practice, to determine if there is a mutual fit.

Are FTN members required to have a CPA license and are there independence requirements?

An interested candidate can speak with a recruiter about specific credentials and other requirements.

What type of training will FTN members receive when they join PwC?

FTN members will receive an introduction to PwC and our culture and values during their first week at the firm. Additional technical training based on line of service, staff level and role and responsibilities will be provided during the contract period.

Are FTN members eligible to participate in PwC training outside of their employment period?

Currently, FTN members are not eligible to participate in internal PwC trainings outside of their employment period.

Are FTN members allowed to have dual employment while they are employed as an FTN employee with the firm?

Similar to traditional employees, in certain circumstances, PwC employees may be able to have dual employment based on market discretion. Individuals wishing to do so need to agree in writing that they acknowledge they may not use firm-related information or equipment in such an arrangement. Written approval must be obtained by a Partner supervisor who ascertains the nature of the employment and number of hours per week that will be spent on it. These cases are also subject to the firm's independence guidelines.

What is the onboarding plan for a new FTN member and for a recurring FTN member?

During the first contract period, an FTN member is required to complete most of the same onboarding requirements as our traditional employees. We are working to shorten the time necessary to complete the independence review and background checks prior to recurring. We will continue to seek opportunities to create efficiencies for subsequent contract periods to enable us to onboard FTN more quickly.

What type of connectivity will FTN members have with PwC after their contract period?

Connectivity will include regular touch points and communications from both local market Human Resources and FTN Human Resources.

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