Embarking on a new career can be one of the most exciting times in your life. The right internship can help you take the next critical step in shaping a successful and rewarding career. As an intern, you will experience PwC's professional services world, which we believe is the best learning environment.

Join PwC as an intern and get a realistic job preview, as well as a glimpse of opportunities for your professional growth and development. Advance can change the direction of your career before it begins.

  1. What can you expect


    Participate in training designed to develop your technical skills. The physical and virtual classrooms, however, are only the beginning of the learning experience; coaching and on-the-job experiences are all part of your development at PwC.

    Client experiences

    Experience challenging and relevant assignments, while working directly with PwC partners, principals, and staff. Practice our commitment to client service as you execute responsibilities and gain insight into the professional services sector.

    Coaching & development

    Engage in dialogue with a dedicated coaching team focused on guiding you through the internship and enhancing your skill set as you are coached to a higher level of performance on your engagements and projects.

    Insight, PwC's shadow experience

    A very important component of PwC's Internship Experience is providing the interns a realistic job preview of both the profession and PwC. During the internship, each intern will have the opportunity to work on real life client tasks, as well as to shadow other PwC professionals, including a partner from their local office. The shadowing experience allows interns to develop a perspective to all levels of the firm, gaining insight to how the roles and responsibilities vary, while also providing the opportunity to strengthen connections and build long lasting professional relationships.

    Each year PwC gives select interns the opportunity to shadow members of our US Leadership Team, including Bob Moritz, chairman and senior partner of the US firm. This experience provides interns the opportunity to understand leadership's vision for PwC US and see the PwC Experience through leadership's eyes.

    Community service

    For PwC, corporate responsibility is embedded in every facet of what we do -- from acting with integrity in our work so we can help build a stronger marketplace to helping our clients adapt to an ever changing world to our commitments around our people, our communities, and the environment. Because of the knowledge and skills our people have around fiscal responsibility, we are focused on helping build the financial capability of today's youth through Earn Your Future. As part of this $190 million commitment, PwC invites interns each year to work with the youth and teachers in Belize City, Belize on financial education and entrepreneurship. With your help, we hope to change the course of our future by equipping students and teachers with the financial education they need which will help to create a more resilient economy.

    Intern networking events

    Experience activities that provide you with a means to network and socialize within your office, outside of your day-to-day responsibilities; relationship building is instrumental to overall career success.

    International Intern Experience

    The International Intern Experience is your opportunity to immerse yourself in PwC’s global network through working abroad. Selected interns will have the chance to acquire and expand critical skills that will help them succeed in a truly global landscape while experiencing a new culture, making friends, and enjoying new life challenges. Working with our global network of firms, the US firm will send interns to offices around the world for a one-week assignment. Interns will be paired with a current US assignee abroad to experience life inside the world’s leading professional services firm—at home or overseas. Participating interns will develop many new skills and qualities that will be valuable for their future careers.

    Selected interns will begin their winter/spring or summer internship in their respective home office on their market designated start date and will attend local training with their intern peer group. This will be followed by a one week international assignment abroad. Upon completion of this experience, interns will return to their local office to complete their winter/spring or summer internship. All work visas, housing and travel arrangements will be paid by PwC.

International Intern Experience

The International Intern Experience offers select interns the opportunity to immerse themselves in PwC's global network of firms.

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USLT Shadow Experience

Select interns spent the day building relationships with members of our US Leadership Team, including Bob Moritz, US Chairman and Senior Partner of the US firm. This experience provides interns the opportunity to understand leadership’s vision for PwC US and see the PwC Experience through leadership’s eyes.

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