Meet our 2021 Partners and Principals

We congratulate the 210 individuals across the US and Mexico who have reached a major milestone in their careers and will join the PwC LLP partnership on July 1, 2021.

Together, our new partners tell the story of the firm we are. We create opportunities for personal growth and success, we value diversity, we stand for quality and integrity and we always take the long-term view. These newly admitted partners represent the next generation of leaders who put people first—leaders who do the right thing for our staff and clients, for our teams and for our communities.

Representation at the top of our firm is critical because partners are the owners and leaders who drive our firm’s strategy and help mold its future. We are proud of the progress we are making in fostering a diverse partnership and we will continue to be bold, intentional and transparent in our commitment to go even further.

Please visit the profile pages of our new partners and principals and learn about this extraordinary group.

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