PwC’s The New Equation: convening leadership to build trust and drive sustainable outcomes

November 23, 2021

TBR Special Report looks at PwC’s strategy to underline everything with trust.

This special report from TBR follows a wide-ranging discussion with JC Lapierre, Chief Strategy & Communications Officer, PwC US, Shannon Schuyler, Chief Purpose and Inclusion Officer, PwC US and Joe Atkinson, Vice Chair and Chief Products and Technology Officer, PwC US where they discussed The New Equation, PwC’s long-term global strategy announced earlier this year. TBR’s analysis and insights in the report build upon their continuous analysis of PwC.

The report mentions that:

  • ‘PwC’s approach to technology, even with the advent of PwC Products and tighter alliances with technology giants, remains rooted in people and business challenges; technology alone cannot transform companies and drive sustainable outcomes; and,
  • Everything circles back to trust, the most raw and simple value driving PwC’s relationships and underpinning the [network’s] purpose.’

It goes on to say that: ‘Using a five-chapter book as a metaphor, the PwC leaders said the [network’s] new global strategy included choices around trust and sustained outcomes, investments to help the [US] firm better serve clients, a rewiring of the organisation and how PwC [US] works to better serve their clients, enhancements to the [US] firm’s people experience, and extensions into the larger community, essentially an explicit understanding of the obligations and responsibilities PwC takes on across its entire ecosystem.’

When discussing clients, TBR states that the 3 leaders said that ‘The New Equation had been enthusiastically received and has become integral to how PwC professionals discuss their shared future with their clients. Globally, PwC partners were leaning into the trust and leadership components of The New Equation and finding clients receptive, even welcoming of PwC’s efforts to “peek around the corner” at trends, challenges, and opportunities on the near and far horizons.’

TBR also states that ‘TBR’s analysis of PwC over the last three years has repeatedly highlighted foresight and calibrated evolution, with The New Equation potentially both a capstone to monumental transformation and the foundation for the firm’s next generation.’

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