What are the key trends in AI?

Learn how AI trends can benefit businesses in the future

AI is moving fast. For success, you need to skate to where the puck is going to be. Understand the AI trends that could benefit business in the very near future.

New, business-ready AI is on its way

Where is AI going? Everywhere and fast. Machine learning, for example, which learns from data without needing explicit rules for how to do it, is expanding its scope daily. At PwC, we’ve used it for 3D mapping of bridge construction, based on data from drones, and for spotting insider trading. With automated machine learning, even business users will be able to create many machine learning models.

New techniques in deep learning (a form of AI that mimics the human brain) let computers better understand what they see and hear, integrate gaming strategies, and gain insights from smaller amounts of data—or from data that AI synthesizes or generates. Business applications include better models of individual customer behaviour, even if AI sees only a slice of their total transactions, and increased accuracy in virtually testing product, marketing, and business strategies.  

Probabilistic programming can use the incomplete information that’s so common in business. Hybrid learning adds probabilistic approaches to deep learning so it can work with uncertainty. That opens the door to better analyses of market behavior, the regulatory environment, and more.

Digital twins can increasingly replicate virtually (“twin”) physical and non-physical assets. At PwC, we’ve built AI-powered digital twins for capital project management and to help financial institutions model individual policyholders, simulating future balance sheets and cash flows.

If AI won’t solve your business problem today, don’t worry. It will tomorrow.

How we can help

PwC knows how to apply the latest AI advances to solve business problems today and transform organisations tomorrow, often with  highly available data and low-cost computing technology.

Our work with clients includes

  • Developing AI strategies
  • Architecting AI-based solutions
  • Developing AI models and proofs of concepts
  • Deploying and operationalizing AI models within traditional workflows
  • Executing in the marketplace

With AI, the biggest challenge may be knowing what to do. At PwC, we offer guidance based on both cutting-edge research and real-world experience.