What are our AI Partnerships?

Working in collaboration to offer strategy through execution capabilities and allowing us to solve your organisation’s critical business issues.

Our AI expertise extends beyond our ranks. Collaborations with top universities, start-ups, and established technology companies boost PwC’s ability to meet clients’ needs.

AI is an ecosystem in which PwC is a leader

No single organisation can master all of AI. It’s too big. It’s a worldwide ecosystem of brilliant minds and spectacular tools, scattered through tens of thousands of companies and universities.

PwC has identified the leading minds and forged relationships to strengthen our strategy-through-execution capabilities. We collaborate with over 25 computer science departments at institutions such as Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, University of California (San Diego) and the University of Chicago. Projects we’re working on with academic partners include AI to analyse physicians’ use of referral data, and how to measure an organisation’s analytics maturity.

Our Alliances with AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure enable us to run models at scale and maximize value for clients. We use AI to continuously monitor AI and other emerging technology trends. Amid the countless AI vendors and startups, we’ve identified those with both market-leading solutions and the capacity to deliver. We have strategic relationships with over one hundred leading innovators, companies such as AnyLogic for simulation platforms and Narrative Science for natural language processing.

In the new world that AI is creating, PwC has both the knowledge and the allies that organisations need.

How we can help

PwC’s support for AI alliances starts with strategy. We can help your organisation decide where you need to lead in AI and own the technology, and where building partnerships or working with vendors would provide the most benefits. We can:

  • Develop your cloud and vendor strategy for AI
  • Set up innovation hubs for monitoring, staying ahead of the accelerating technology curve, and discerning hype from reality
  • Benchmark business problems against multiple AI vendors or platforms
  • Conduct AI vendor and research collaboration selection and execution

To win with AI, you need to navigate the AI ecosystem effectively. PwC can be your guide.

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