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Building and operating AI you can trust

The potential for AI-based technologies to fundamentally alter how we live, and work is potentially limitless — but to harness and preserve the value created requires attention to and the management of the attendant risks. 

When you infuse AI into business processes, productivity tools, and critical decisions with the purpose of driving incremental value, you need to be sure that you understand what AI is doing and why. Is it making accurate, bias-aware decisions? Is it violating anyone’s privacy? Can you govern and monitor this powerful technology that doesn’t slow growth or innovation? Globally, organisations recognise the need for Responsible AI but are at different stages of the journey.

Responsible AI (RAI) is an approach to managing risks associated with an AI-based solution.  Now is the time to evaluate and augment existing practices or create new ones to help you responsibly harness AI and be prepared for coming regulation. Investing in Responsible AI at the outset can give you an edge that competitors may not be able to overtake.

Risks can originate from many different sources as AI solutions are being implemented. A standardized AI risk taxonomy and toolkit can help assess potential risks and guide necessary mitigation strategies, creating the foundation for an effective and efficient AI governance framework. 

Build trust with stakeholders and society

Your stakeholders, including board members, customers, and regulators, will have many questions about your organisation's use of AI and data, from how it’s developed and deployed to how it’s monitored and governed and whether it’s providing the value they expect. You not only need to be ready to provide the answers, but you must also demonstrate ongoing legal and regulatory compliance.

Our Responsible AI Toolkit is a suite of customizable frameworks, tools and processes designed to help you harness the power of AI in a manner that engenders trust in the solution from strategy through execution. With the Responsible AI Toolkit, we’ll tailor our solutions to address your organisation’s unique business requirements and AI maturity.

Trust is core to our purpose at PwC

Our human-led, tech-powered team can help you build AI responsibly and bring big ideas to life across all stages of AI adoption.

  • AI, Data & Data Use Governance
  • AI and Data Ethics
  • AI Expertise: Machine Learning, Model Operations & Data Science
  • Privacy
  • Cybersecurity
  • Risk Management 
  • Change Management
  • Compliance and legal
  • Sustainability and Climate Change
  • Diversity and Inclusion

We support all phases of the RAI journey

The foundation for responsible AI is an end-to-end enterprise governance framework, focusing on the risks and controls along your organization’s AI journey—from top to bottom.

  • Assess: Technical and qualitative assessments of models and processes to identify gaps
  • Build: Development and design of new models and processes, given a specific need and opportunity
  • Validate + Scale: Technical model validation and deployment services; governance and ethics change management
  • Evaluate + Monitor: Readiness for AI including confirming controls framework design, internal audit training

Innovate responsibly

Whether you're just getting started or are getting ready to scale, Responsible AI can help. Drawing on our proven capability in AI innovation and deep global business expertise, we'll assess your end-to-end needs, and design a solution to help you address your unique risks and challenges.

Recognition & Awards

  • 2020 World Changing Idea, Responsible AI Toolkit, FastCompany
  • Ranked Leader for AI Consulting, Forrester
  • Outstanding achievement in Enterprise, Adoption of AI and AI Ethics, CogX
  • Ranked Leader for Data & Analytics Services, Gartner
  • 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics

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