Future prospects in Africa for the transportation & logistics industry

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Is Africa the next land of economic opportunity? In our view there’s no single answer. Africa is one continent, but it’s made up of over 50 countries with very low connectivity between them. Levels of development also vary enormously.

This report aims to give interested investors insight into the key economic regions and countries in Africa. It thus analyses the market potential for transport and logistics operators.


10 African hot spots

Ten African countries are the next places-to-be, offering enormous potential for strategic investors in the transportation and logistics industry.

About the report

The report 'Africa gearing up' was created in close collaboration between PwC and Econometrix, South Africa’s leading independent economic consultants and supported from independent industry experts.

Following a five-pillar model, all countries profiled were analysed in terms of five characteristics and their impact on the transportation and logistics industry:

  1. Demographics and resources;
  2. Economics;
  3. Business environment;
  4. Trade and logistics; and
  5. Transport infrastructure.

All findings were supported by interviews with executives from companies operating in Africa.

Assessments for each pillar were made on the current state and the fiveyear medium-term prospects. These investment assessments were prepared to help potential investors get to know the risks and opportunities of the main transportation and logistics markets in Africa. They should not be regarded as investment recommendations.

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