Experience Radar 2013
Lessons learned from the Airline industry

Faced with rising operating costs, evolving customer needs and global challenges, the Airline industry offers a great learning place for other industries. On and off the runway, customers are pushing airlines to think more like retailers and less like a mode of transportation. Expectations around seating packages, interactions with staff and priority treatment are some of the experiences that matter to customers.

Differences across customers go beyond the typical leisure and business divide. Behaviors, preferences and attitudes are shaping what customers want—and with emerging markets fueling travel growth, so too are cultural distinctions.

PwC’s Experience Radar can help point the way to value–and profits–by uniquely identifying ways to better serve the ever-changing demands of air passengers. Airlines that can get to the core of who their customers are and what they value will be the winners. Business leaders across industries can take a page from the Airline industry playbook.