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  • 612,027

    Number of professional hours contributed in FY21

    FY20: 640,298

  • US$209m

    Amount invested in the community in FY21

    FY20: $187.6m

  • 18m

    Number of people NGOs, social and micro enterprises reached since FY18

    Ambition: Exceeding our commitment to reach 15m by 2022

*Unless stated otherwise, all societal impact data reflects the performance of our 21 largest firms.

Delivering sustained outcomes for our communities

PwC is a community of solvers and we are committed to supporting and working with others to increase inclusivity and enable more people to participate in and benefit from the economy and society more broadly. With over 65 million young people worldwide unemployed¹, and between 20-40% of the jobs currently held by 16-24 year olds at risk of automation by the mid-2030s², developing the skills required for the digital age is one of the most acute challenges communities are facing. Our biggest global initiative in this area is New world. New skills., which seeks to enable participants to have the opportunity to learn, work and participate in the digital age.

Through working with people, non-governmental organisations (NGO), social and micro enterprises, PwC can share its greatest asset - the skills, knowledge and talent of our people - to help build capacity and trust within communities and help the people within them develop skills they need to thrive.

To better understand PwC’s community impact across the globe and our commitment to create a better society for tomorrow click below.


¹International Labour Office.Global Employment Trends for Youth 2020 Report, pp.33.
²PwC UK. 2018. Will Robots really steal our jobs.

Our Global Commitment

Joining forces to upskill the world’s youth

Our New world. New skills. initiative is aimed at addressing the mismatch between the skills people have today and those needed for the workforce of the future. Our work in the community focuses on reaching millions of people, NGOs and social enterprises. In 2020, PwC announced a global collaboration with UNICEF in support of Generation Unlimited, a multi sector partnership aimed at helping 1.8 billion young people transition from school to work by 2030. The opportunities to create more inclusive economies and societies by bridging the divide are made evident in Stepping Forward, the first report PwC released in collaboration with UNICEF, in support of Generation Unlimited. The report outlines four stepping stones to gain the necessary skills to thrive in the digital world: connectivity, access, digital literacy and work-ready skills.

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Reaching: YES. Addressing the youth employment and skilling challenge.

In 2021, PwC and UNICEF in support of Generation Unlimited were proud to release the second report Reaching YES: Addressing the youth employment and skilling challenge. This report builds on our work and advocacy calling attention to the global skills-challenge youth face now, and will face in the coming decades, when they try to compete for good and meaningful jobs.

Read our latest report

Community impact - Interactive explorer tool

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Our volunteers

Meet some of our PwC volunteers who are helping people and communities thrive

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Beneficiaries reached

18 million+ beneficiaries reached, achieving our ambition one year ahead of our 2022 target year

At PwC, one way we measure the impact of our community investment activities is by a beneficiaries' reached metric, using the Business for Societal Impact (B4SI) framework. Building individuals skills, supporting social and micro enterprises and helping NGOs to build capacity are the pillars of our strategy. 

We define beneficiaries reached as: individuals external to PwC, the number of individuals we support through education and skills building programs (students, educators, NGO and social enterprise employees), the number of social and micro enterprises we support by providing skilled volunteering, pro-bono services and financial investment, the number of NGOs and non-profit organizations (NPOs) we support by building capacity, increasing their scale and effectiveness and by helping to strengthen their accountability, transparency, reliability and profile.

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