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Our PwC volunteers

Our community and environment investments are an important part of our efforts to build trust in society and solve important problems.

In 2018, we set an ambitious global target: to invest in the future and growth of 15 million people, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and social and micro enterprises to help them maximise their potential by 2022. 

We are delighted to report that we have achieved and exceeded this goal one year ahead of our target year. Since the launch, in 2018, of our commitment, we’ve reached over 18 million beneficiaries.

This progress is thanks to the ongoing efforts and dedication of our people. In FY21, over 39,000 PwC people contributed more than 750,000 hours - of which more than 610,000 hours were dedicated to sharing their professional skills.

Take a look at our social impact in our Global Annual Review 2021


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Gareth Parry, PwC New Zealand Partner, PwC New Zealand Foundation trustee, shares his passion for reading with others.


International Volunteer Day 2020

Meet some of our volunteers


International Volunteer Day 2019

Meet some of our volunteers

Ian Bennett, PwC Australia - Why do you think it’s important that PwC provide volunteering opportunities?

Subha Sudeep, PwC India - Do you have a standout volunteering memory or experience?

Maribell Fernandez, PwC Mexico - Why do you think it's important that PwC provide volunteering opportunities?

Nathan Chan, PwC New Zealand - How did you first get started volunteering with PwC?

Jessica Garbett, PwC UK - What type of volunteering activities do you get involved in?

Samantha Superstine, PwC US - What type of volunteering opportunities do you get involved in?

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