Is there any impact from Port City to the environment?

Thulci mentioned that the Port City project had completed three Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) - two were done on the reclamation stage, which was made available for public scrutiny because protocols need to be followed.

The Port City was issued an EIA license to proceed with conditions. For an example, the first EIA for reclamation stipulated over 70 conditions which were addressed based on the Environment Management Plan. The Third EIA was done for vertical development where the same procedure was followed. The license was issued based on 53 conditions stipulated in the license. He further stated that there are 26 government agencies currently monitoring the Port City project and he can assure that all environmental protocols and international standards have been met.

DCR is an international standard guideline where each developer needs to adhere to when developing the land plots of the Port City. It’s an extensive document which includes the guidelines and framework for urban design, utility, landscaping and more importantly sustainability.

The impact from the rise of the sea level due to climate change and other environmental factors, have been studied using analytical models and necessary steps are taken to address them. 

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