Total Impact Measurement & Management

Total impact – A new language for business decisions

Valuing social, environmental, tax and economic impacts means that business is now able to compare the total impacts of their decisions and manage the trade-offs.

Leading the way – Impact examples

See examples of companies that already recognise the potential in evaluating a broader range of impacts.

What CEOs think about total impact

187 CEOs shared their views on total impact. Take a look at what they have to say.

Good growth

Explore why delivering ‘good’ growth is the way forward and how knowing ‘good’ from ‘bad’ can transform business.

What would you do? The great trade-off

Business faces complex decisions everyday. But how do they evaluate the optimal approach? Or understand which of their stakeholders are affected by their choices?
Find out 



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Malcolm Preston, Global Sustainability leader, 
shows how TIMM can present the trade-offs and support Board decision making.

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