Subsidiary Governance: An Unappreciated Risk

The business world is operating in an environment of increasing regulation and risk. Getting your company’s governance requirements right is crucial if you’re going to protect the reputation of the business and comply with the ever-growing number of regulations that are required under international law.

With regulatory authorities levying a growing number of fines for regulatory breaches, as well as continuing to name and shame companies for failure to implement good corporate governance, having a strong global subsidiary governance framework in place is critical to avoiding both financial and reputational damage. So, what action do you need to take to get your governance procedures into shape?

If you’re a corporate secretary or general counsel, you need to help your business manage the relevant risks and will have increased responsibilities as a result.

Jonathan Gibson, the Partner leading our global Entity Governance & Compliance practice, said: “We’re talking to organisations across the world and receiving requests and enquiries on a daily basis, all keen to understand how they can demonstrate better subsidiary governance to their boards, prevent fines and regulatory breaches. Businesses also seem particularly interested in getting advice on how they can automate governance processes using technology. Our recent thought leadership piece, Subsidiary governance: an unappreciated risk, gives organisations an overview of the potential ways they can plan for and overcome the governance challenges they’re facing".

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