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With over 3,500 lawyers across more than 95 countries, we have the broadest geographical coverage of any Legal network in the world

M. Psylla - V. Vizas - G. Katrinakis Law Firm is a licensed Greek law firm established in 2009 under the Presidential Decree 81/2005, and is part of the PwC Global Legal Network. Our team has experience from large scale projects and transactions in all industries. We guarantee an integrated approach through our innovative solutions and practices and legal expertise embedded in the PwC global network’s wider capabilities.
We offer tailored services that complement your vision and mirror your way of working, adapting and aligning with your business objectives to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, mitigate risk and help create economies of scale.

As part of a network of independent law firms achieving the broadest geographical coverage of any legal services network in the world, and in close cooperation with the PwC tax, finance, accounting and other specialists, we are a law firm that provides a “from strategy to execution” full range of legal support to all sorts of businesses, from non-profit organisations to financial institutions, from start-ups to multinational corporates, from family enterprises to listed companies. 

Our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. 

For each important problem you face, our law firm, in close cooperation with PwC, can bring together the right mix of over 30 qualified lawyers, together with consultants and financial advisers to help you develop an efficient and commercially viable solution.

This approach gives you:

  • An end-to-end service without the friction/handover points between different providers
  • Early visibility of broader business issues
  • One key point of contact

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Connect what matters. Anticipate what's next.

We believe in the power of legal to solve your most significant challenges and take on the future. Working with us is not just about legal advice. It’s about seeing beyond uncertainty and risk to uncover new opportunities. It’s about harnessing the power of PwC’s global reach, local presence and industry depth to chart a future-ready path to success. We deliver the connected expertise that bridges all aspects of your business— so you can grow and protect it, today and tomorrow.


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Across the PwC Legal network, we are engaging with the opportunities that Legal Tech creates for clients and employees. 


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Stock Options

Stock Options, back in trend?

Recent amendment in Greek tax laws brings stock options into the ambit of capital gains taxation (15% rate) rather than employment income (up to 45% tax rate), subject to certain vesting conditions. This provides a significant incentive to structure long term incentive programs around this concept for Greek tax resident executives. An even more beneficial regime is provided for startups, aiming to bolster the activity in this field.

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PwC's Legal Services are committed to serving the best interests of our clients. Through efficient and precise management of our clients' needs, we are able to provide practical legal solutions and advice.

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