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Passionately innovative

The legal industry is facing unprecedented change thanks to advancing technology, new business models and evolving client expectations. At PwC, we understand the forces driving those changes – and are using technology to uncover the greatest opportunities for our clients.

By embracing Legal Tech, we deliver more efficient and comprehensive services for clients and provide an enriching working environment for our expert talent. We are passionate about finding and designing better legal processes for all of our practice areas across PwC‘s entire global legal network.

Contract Review

Whether you are implementing new rules on contractual compliance, or modernising your Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system, the journey typically starts with your existing contracts.

Using technology, PwC can help you speed up important contract processes and give you greater visibility and data-based insight into your document structure. With the support of AI tools, our team of specialists extract required information from thousands of documents, and bring key datasets together in a structured format. We then analyze contractual terms across all of your contract types, and in some instances, even monitor against key market trends. We can also find opportunities to improve your business performance, such as by creating compliance manuals, updating templates, or creating customized eLearnings.

As an illustration, our Legal Tech experts have recently supported clients with:

  • Contract governance and process standardization for a multinational alcoholic beverage company
  • CLM technology selection for a multinational agro-chemical producer
  • Contract analytics and reporting for a global pharmaceutical manufacturer
  • Impact assessments relating to LIBOR compliance for several financial services companies
  • Portfolio review of legal documents for a venture capital investor
  • Large scale legal due diligence in a takeover situation
  • CLM system rollouts, through PwC’s extensive NewLaw capability.


In today’s business environment, the volume of electronically-stored information is increasing at an exponential rate.

Critical events such as litigation, regulatory investigations and other information requests, can create a sudden need for you to preserve, analyse and produce vast amounts of electronically-stored data. PwC’s eDiscovery solutions help you make informed decisions when it matters most. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and our broader forensic and analytical capabilities, we deploy resources quickly, allowing you to navigate these complex legal and business processes with confidence.

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

It’s becoming more difficult to clearly see compliance risks and obligations. More rules lead to higher demands on your compliance departments and frequently present new challenges. Your organization may be at risk of overlooking critical topics or taking action too late, especially if you operate in multiple jurisdictions.

Our Legal Tech solutions help you keep track of what's relevant and what's required. Our tools can analyse regulatory initiatives for you, highlighting potential actions and providing you with clear customized reports on your compliance risks and obligations. Our solutions can also help reduce your monitoring costs, and give you a clear understanding of your specific compliance needs.

Our globally connected legal network recently helped:

  • Develop the risk and compliance framework for a large multinational IT company
  • Create a compliance framework and monitoring program for a leading global telecommunications company
  • Design and automate the compliance framework for a leading consumer products manufacturing company

Document and Decision Automation

We use a broad range of automation tools to improve efficiency and consistency, allowing our lawyers and our clients to focus their attention on the most challenging legal questions. 

By leveraging document automation solutions, we can deliver work products faster, without compromising quality. Using our clause libraries to simplify contracts, we help you increase consistency and compliance. Our legal experts can also develop tailored, automated templates for use within your business, giving you the flexibility to fine-tune standard documentation, while still scaling your Legal Tech investment.

Similarly, our decision automation solutions can enable you to streamline your internal legal decision making processes. Our tailored Rule Keeper applications, which are based on a no-code platform, can help you quickly and securely answer any recurrent legal questions that arise across your business. This in turn releases valuable bandwidth across your organisation for more complex or bespoke tasks.

Practice Area Tech

We’re consistently developing new practice area-specific tools, to improve client experience and to help make your work easier. Examples include:

  • PwC UK's My Structuring Lawyer - a proprietary document automation solution that codifies PwC’s legal expertise into software logic. Its purpose is to unlock efficiencies in the way our legal team delivers large scale international reorganisation projects, particularly where a high volume of draft documents and legal actions lists - which we refer to as ‘micro and macro plans’ - need to be produced.
  • PwC Belgium’s Crisis App - an app that helps clients take the right steps in sudden crisis situations. The Crisis App complements ongoing training by ensuring that necessary instructions and information are accessible to relevant employees in time critical situations. As an example, it can be used to guide companies through data breaches, house searches (dawn raids), or events that cause negative publicity.
  • PwC Germany’s Immigration & Employment Assistant - a chatbot that offers up-to-date support and answers to questions about the visa and immigration process in Germany, as well as general information regarding German employment law. Each complex topic is broken down into small steps that are accessible to the user.
  • PwC Switzerland's Regulatory Radar - a customisable web-based tool that helps clients stay on top of regulatory changes within the financial services arena.  In addition to providing information on regulatory developments, the tool also draws attention to potential actions and regulatory impacts, helping clients manage their compliance operations in an efficient way.