Energy and Utilities Industry

Energy companies and utilities operate in a complex environment, with heavy regulatory requirements, ever-increasing competition, geopolitical influence, and changes in stakeholder expectations. In Greece, opportunities are numerous but so are the challenges, given the country's high dependence on fossil fuels and the structure of the local market, with a limited number of participants.

Currently the Greek energy and utilities market is undergoing fundamental reforms. Requirements arising from European and International Agreements are shaping the operating framework of the market. The liberalisation of the electricity and natural gas markets will support competition and costumer choice.  Furthermore the extension and enhancement of the cross border electricity flows, several gas projects, the separation of production and supply in the energy market, the increased effort to generate electricity from renewable energy sources, and the expanding environmental protection focus are all demanding corporate changes.

At PwC, we continuously monitor and analyse the developments in the Greek energy and utilities industry, to determine their impact on and how we can best support our clients for the changes. Our specialist teams with our subject matter experts are able to develop appropriate solutions across assurance, consulting, deals and tax.

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New energy models: Reinventing Energy

New energy models: Reinventing Energy

Achieve operational excellence
Monitor assets, fine-tune processes, mobilize your workforce and improve safety performance.

Mitigate risk
Improve regulatory compliance, predictive maintenance, incident prevention and cyber security through digitization.

Discover cost savings
Automate processes, find new efficiencies and decrease waste.

Improve front-end performance
Streamline and enhance customer experience through cloud software and customer relationship management tools.

Creating Impact

Case Study 1

Technology fund sets a global cleantech investment strategy (Example)

A technology venture capital fund wanted to develop a global cleantech investment strategy. Working closely with the COO, Strategy& segmented the global cleantech market into eight core markets and developed a framework for our client to use when both categorising existing investments and exploring new opportunities. We then worked with the client to identify a number of investment focus areas for the fund. As a result, our client used the framework and our analysis to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in areas identified through the work—and the level of related investments is expected to pass $1bn.

Case Study 2

Large European utility redesigns its innovation function

A large German-based utility company needed an internal function to pinpoint and address disruptive technology in the industry. Strategy& conducted a detailed assessment of disruptive potential for current and upcoming technologies and determined the impact on our client’s value chain and business model. Strategy& also developed a standardised format to review newer technologies in the future, so that the business could continue to compare and analyse technological trends. This helped the client to reduce its risk of missing major innovation trends.


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