Capital Markets

PwC Greece's Capital Markets Group

We are a unique cross border group within the global PwC Network that has a dedicated professional team in Greece serving the shipping industry and public companies.

We have deep SEC expertise and specialise in providing a broad range of services in connection with capital markets transactions.

Our core service offerings include:

  • SEC Registration and Reporting Requirements
  • US GAAP Financial Reporting
  • Capital Market Transactions
  • US GAAP/IFRS Conversions and Embedding

Our capital markets services include:

  • Strategic planning
    We help to provide alternative approaches for raising capital to optimise the company's strategy. Also, we perform a study of the impact of complying with the SEC's financial reporting requirements, we offer practical solutions to potential issues, advice on the accounting under IFRS or US GAAP, and we assist management in organising an effective team of internal and external specialists with the right skill-sets needed to complete a successful offering.
  • Pre-IPO diagnostics
    We have a pre-IPO diagnostic toolkit to assist management in performing an assessment of the company's readiness to make the transformation to a publicly-held company in the US.
  • IPO support
    Once the company's strategy has been established, we guide the execution of the blueprint for success. Picking the right route through the rules, regulations and interpretations is extremely complex and hazardous.
  • Ongoing support
    After a listing has been obtained, we offer ongoing SEC, US GAAP and IFRS support to help companies comply with SEC requirements. Such services include providing assistance in embedding policies and procedures to enhance the company's internal control environment, reviewing management's evaluation of new or complex accounting treatment under IFRS or US GAAP and providing courses and technical updates on IFRS, US GAAP and SEC developments.

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Michail Efstathiadis

Senior Manager, Assurance, PwC Greece

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