International business reorganisations

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Tax-aware, business-savvy corporate reorganisations

In a fluid, fast-changing global marketplace, structural and business flexibility has become a competitive necessity for large organisations.

Perhaps your group is considering expanding into new markets, or moving some operations overseas. Or you are contemplating a transaction, a pre-sale re-organisation, or a post-acquisition consolidation. Maybe you are focussed on seeking new efficiencies—rationalising your entire supply chain, minimising your global tax spend or labour costs, or restructuring your group financing or funding arrangements.

No matter what your situation and needs, chances are that a corporate or business reorganisation of some kind may well be in your sights. How you go about it—and what legal advisor you use—will affect the outcome, over both the short and long term.

Effective, integrated legal and tax solutions—across borders and disciplines

Our International Corporate and Commercial Structuring lawyers are well placed to help. As part of PwC's Legal Services - with 3,600 professionals across more than 98 territories - we offer a broad range of integrated services to companies contemplating reorganisations, transactions and restructurings.

Our multidisciplinary strength—our legal services are seamlessly integrated with our PwC’s other line of service global offerings, including PwC’s leading International Tax Services and People and Organisation Services—enables us to provide integrated, world-class advice that’s adapted to our on-the-ground connections in virtually any local market you may be contemplating.

Practical impact assessment of COVID-19 on corporate transactions

The evolving COVID-19 situation poses some practical challenges in terms of transaction completion and execution.

As they focus on business continuity and crisis management, directors must be in a position to make and execute effective and swift boardroom decisions. In addition, corporate transactions are having to be completed in an environment of limited access to signatories, original documents and Companies House or tax authority filings.

With this in mind we have collated a global snapshot of the practical impact of the virus on corporate filings and the legal feasibility of using e-signatures/telephone board meetings, across a number of key counties. 

Read the full document


Our network of professionals across the globe provide a co-ordinated approach

Compliance, treasury, tax, transactions, accounting, immigration, HR, operations, governance—the list of critical issues that are brought to light in the course of a corporate or business structuring project is long. When you work with our legal professionals you have a single point of contact to help you manage these and other material aspects of the project.

This enables you to focus on your business strategy.

Whatever organisational change you are contemplating, we invite you to explore the many ways our global legal network can assist you. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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