Responding to key legal considerations arising from COVID-19

In a constantly changing environment, COVID-19 is continuing to present significant challenges to both people and organisations around the globe.  To help you navigate through the complexity, PwC's team of legal specialists have created a stand alone resource covering some of the most relevant legal considerations for businesses.­­

Our detailed 400 page report "Responding to the Business Impacts of COVID-19" includes answers to common questions relating to Labour Law, Contract Law, Insolvency Law, Cybersecurity & Privacy Laws, and Corporate Law.  Divided into two Volumes, and reflecting commentary from more than 80 territories across our Global Legal Network, the Report is one of the most geographically comprehensive resources currently available on these topics.

Navigate Tax, Legal and Economic Measures in response to COVID-19

To help you cut through the complexity, PwC's team of specialists have also collaborated to create an online resource for you to stay abreast of the tax, economic and legal changes that impact your business.

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