Digitising finance

Our Capital Markets Accounting and Advisory Solutions team supports clients with digital transformation as Finance functions undergo significant changes in organisation, technology, standardisation and workforce. We deliver end-to-end services and advice to ensure successful transactions and seamless transition. Through our technology driven solutions, extensive transformation and project management experience, we work with you to understand your business, sharing best practices and uncovering ways to help you address and minimise accounting risk.

Digital finance transformation and finance function enhancement


Key issues

  • Is your organisation keeping up with the competition and achieving efficiencies with the latest technological areas presented below? 

    • Automation, Standardisation

    • Next generation enterprise resource planning (“ERP”)

    • Artificial Intelligence

    • Transactional Excellence

  • What does the future of Finance look like?

  • How do I best tackle transformation? Where do I start?

  • Which areas, systems and processes should be improved?

  • Can I manage this on my own?

  • How do I enable my organisation’s environment to undergo digital transformation? 


How CMAAS can help

We draw upon a wide range of experiences from a broad range of clients to provide insights into what transformation could mean for your organisation:

  • Offer implementation capabilities with key IT vendors and their solutions 

  • Run Robotic process automation (“RPA”) programs, identify and implement automation use cases, and share real life examples of how others are putting RPAs in place to address accounting risk

  • Offer advice concerning whether NextGen Finance ERPs, e.g.  SAP S/4 HANA, Oracle, other ERP, are fit for purpose.

  • Offer advice on standardisation of processes and ERP System triggered by cloud services and systems (e.g. Revenue, Leasing, Chart of account, Preparation of FS, Reporting)

  • Deliver smarter solutions for contract analytics, Accounting manuals, chatbots, et al

  • Offer intelligent accounting solutions with multiple AI layers for non PO Invoicing, document classifier, Automatic Recording, and more

  • Reinforce CFO confidence and strengthen their knowledge in core areas, such as risk & viability reporting

  • Provide confidence for accounting compliance in transformation projects

Managed services

Key issues

  • Finance organisations are becoming leaner, more efficient and more agile

  • Maintaining high quality outsourced bookkeeping services at a lower cost, considering increased automation

  • Sustaining high quality performance and value analysis 

  • Considering the continuation of ongoing labor arbitrage  

How we can  help

Through the implementation of our tech-enabled solutions, our team can help ensure highly efficient and agile financial processes for your organisation. We can:

  • Provide temporary or permanent externalisation of financial operations - in relation to outsourced bookkeeping, and compliance services

  • Deliver efficient and cost-effective services through the use of coherent digital assets

  • Enable digital trust throughout the organisation

  • Enhance organisational eco systems

Prediction and analytics

Key Issues

  • Effective capitalisation of the benefits of data as an asset  

  • Leveraging the latest technology to make the most of data

  • Mitigating risk, testing and adapting future strategic directions, and driving improved financial performance across organisations more efficiently and effectively 

  • Minimising uncertainty among Finance processes - considering procedures that are split in various SSC and CoEs with production lines across multiple countries


How CMAAS can help

  • Supporting the decision-making process with digital transformation and collection of predictive information, including:
    • Digital cash predictor
    • Automatic leaseplan generator
    • P&L forecast
  • Providing end-to-end guidance from current diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics to adaptive and autonomous analytics

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Joga Singh

Joga Singh

Partner, Global CMAAS Leader, PwC United Kingdom