Real estate transactions require legal support and specific knowledge. We have a long history of, and experience with, real estate transactions and can offer specialist services for many types of transactions from single asset to big portfolios, and asset or share deals. From transaction structuring to contract negotiations we can help you successfully navigate the acquisition process step by step.

Transaction structuring often carries with it legal and tax implications (real estate transfer tax, income tax, etc.). Our multidisciplinary approach brings legal and tax specialists together to find the right solution for you, and prepares contracts that translate the solution from theory into practice.

Legal due diligence is essential to identify risk potential. We have knowhow and experience drawn from numerous due diligence processes on both the buyer and vendor side. Together with other PwC colleagues, we can offer a due diligence package that includes tax and financial services. Again, we translate the due diligence findings into practical recommendations.

Transactions require negotiations (i.e., with buyers or vendors, banks, developers, service providers). We support and steer negotiations and assure that efficient and sound results are achieved.

We draft sale and purchase contracts as well as lease agreements, loan documents, management agreements or other legal documentation in a transaction process.