The financial marketplace is an increasingly complex environment, particularly where regulation and the law are concerned. Our financial services (FS) specialists advise international commercial and investment banks, investment managers, mortgage brokers, insurers - and other key players in the FS markets - on legal and regulatory developments to help them structure and operate their businesses in accordance with compliance requirements.

As governments and regulators seek to address the causes and consequences of the international financial cases, financial services globally face a raft of new legislation and regulation affecting virtually every aspect of their business. The output of recent G20 meetings, the de la Rosiese report, and the Turner report, all point towards a significantly increased regulatory burden. We are assisting our clients in getting to grips with these and other new legal and regulatory developments, analysing the implications for their businesses, and helping them implement the necessary measures to strengthen their businesses and product offerings.

The PwC perspective

Through our international legal services network, we provide integrated advice to assist our clients in expanding their business and product offerings across multiple jurisdictions. We also work closely with PwC specialists from financial services regulation, tax, business assurance, corporate finance, risk management and management consultancy, together we are able to provide our clients with realistic, viable commercial solutions.