Global Airlines & Airports statement of capabilities – Rising to your challenges

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Airlines and airports literally keep the world moving. Vast quantities of people and goods are moving by air around the world around the clock. Air transport plays a vital role in business, trading and personal relationships within and between all regions of the world. More than three billion people and 50 million metric tons of cargo were transported by air in 2013.

Airport operators and the airline industry face critical challenges. Airlines and airports have the lowest return on invested capital in the whole air transport value chain. They are global industries where competition is in many senses more global than in other sectors. Investments have increased capacities in airports as well as airplanes and this competitive dynamic goes on. Regulatory pressures are considerable.

There is a constant pressure to lower the cost base but, at the same time, there is the need to innovate product and service offerings to maximise a share of the growing air transportation market. Growth itself is a big challenge for many airport operators as they strive to expand infrastructure capacity to match demand.

This statement of our capabilities addresses some of the most prevalent challenges in the aviation industry and some of the many ways we can help.

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