The new B2B value chain

Competing on experience, cost and responsiveness

How B2B companies can find the right balance

Customer experience isn’t just a B2C issue. To remain relevant and add value, industrial manufacturers and B2B organisations must develop a deep understanding of their customers’ needs and deliver exceptional experiences across the value chain—without sacrificing hard-won efficiencies in cost and responsiveness. 

To achieve the right balance of cost, responsiveness and experience, B2B companies must expertly map their customers’ journey across the value chain and create an ecosystem to support customer interactions. By embracing a human-centric approach, they learn to apply the right digital capabilities, at the right times, to deliver on the most important customer promises. 

PwC offers six ways B2B companies can understand their customers’ experiences more deeply and use them to shape strategy. Learn how to evolve for the future of the industry and:

  • Think beyond the physical supply chain

  • Understand and segment dynamic customer priorities 

  • Establish a culture that values the customer experience 

  • Focus digital capabilities on customers’ priorities 

  • Organise around customers’ needs

  • Create customer-oriented, human-centred experiences 

It’s time for B2B companies to rethink their value chains. Organisations that don’t offer their customers the right balance of cost, responsiveness and experience risk becoming commoditised and marginalised.

"B2B organisations need to ground every decision—design, sales, planning, production, delivery, service and support—in an intimate understanding of markets and customer segments."

Anil Khurana, Global Industrial Manufacturing & Automotive Leader

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