Real estate trends 2019

Customer connection: real estate’s market value multiplier, part of PwC’s 22nd CEO Survey trends series

Real estate at the crossroads

In the new world of ‘real estate-as-a-service’, your brand as a real estate owner and operator – which includes trust, social/environmental impact, health/well-being and how a building makes a person feel – will have more immediate implications for your ability to attract occupiers, secure finance and be regulated and taxed appropriately.

The challenge is that brand recognition and engagement with the occupier of a building have never been priority areas within real estate.

So, by connecting more effectively with customers, pioneering new ways of living and working, and developing innovative solutions to the challenges facing urban communities, your business could transform its brand image and boost its market value.

Our report highlights three keys:

  1. Real connection: Think about which parts of the value chain you want to own and serve directly (e.g., tenant/occupier) and where you would prefer to assign someone else to do this on your behalf. Although a service company might be well-equipped to engage with customers, it’s important to think about how many layers you want to put between you and the ultimate consumer.
  2. Real innovation:  Focus on the consumer touch points that enable you to pick up on the social, cultural and technological trends that are shaping demand. And you don’t have to respond only to emerging trends – you can also shape tastes and lead the market.
  3. Real inclusion: To develop a relatable brand and confident vision, it’s important to ensure your workforce has the diversity and inclusivity to reflect and understand the customers and communities you serve.

“As real estate evolves into a truly customer-driven business, it will require a more sophisticated approach to understanding the complex needs of different customers.”

Craig Hughes, Global Real Estate Leader, Partner, PwC UK

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