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“A net zero world is within reach. Getting there will take innovation, hard work, collaboration and bold thinking but the benefits will be immense. The business community has a responsibility to act and we are determined to play our part, not just in our own operations and supply chain, but also in the way we advise and support our clients to create a sustainable world for future generations.”

Bob Moritz,PwC Global Chair

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Our Global Chairman Bob Moritz shares more on PwC's net zero commitment and journey


We are already feeling the devastating impacts of climate change across the world, with global temperatures now at least 1.1oC above pre-industrial levels, and emissions at record-breaking levels. And we know - regardless of what we do - further deterioration is already locked in. 

There has never been a more urgent need for businesses to work together on a global scale to speed up our collective efforts to decarbonise and adapt to the impacts of climate change. That’s why we put sustainability and environment at the heart of our global strategy - The New Equation.

The 2023 PwC Network Environment Report discusses our global environment strategy which focuses on the parallel goals of accelerating progress to a more sustainable future and adapting to build resilience against the risks we now face.

2023 PwC Network Environment Report

Creating a more sustainable future together

Our Focus

Net zero

Net Zero

PwC is committed to minimising the direct and indirect environmental impacts of its operations and its supply chain to continuously improve its environmental performance. That’s why we’ve made a worldwide science-based commitment to net zero with 2030 goals. We will achieve this by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 50%, moving to renewable electricity, working with our clients to support their efforts and contributing to public policy efforts in support of net zero. We will offset those emissions we cannot eliminate today through high quality carbon credits, transitioning to 100% carbon removals from FY30.
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Climate-related Disclosures

Task Force for Climate-related Disclosures (TCFD)

We have identified and are addressing the strategic risks and opportunities for our business from climate change. We report our progress in line with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations each year, sharing our transformation journey as we transition our business towards a greener future.
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Nature river


The loss of nature and biodiversity pose a direct threat to human well-being and economic activities. We rely on nature for services such as clean water and air, fertile soils for food, pest and disease regulation, and carbon sequestration. We’re working to better understand our own impacts, and we’re helping to develop frameworks that will underpin a nature-positive world.
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Rimba raya care center

Acting beyond our value chain 

We will continue to offset those emissions we cannot eliminate today through high-quality carbon credits, transitioning our carbon credit portfolio to 100% carbon removals by FY30.
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FY19 2,792 ktCO2e*

FY19 4.0 tCO2e per employee

FY19 52%*
*Revised due to improved data availability


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