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Digital case study

Digital Twin accelerates transformation


British Columbia’s leading public-sector pension provider, BC Pension Corporation


To identify and resolve the cultural and organisational barriers preventing BC Pension Corporation from executing the last stage of its business transformation strategy.


Client:  BC Pension Corporation
Our Role: By identifying the roadblocks that were slowing BC Pension Corporation’s digital transformation, PwC was able to work with the company to make targeted decisions and take the actions necessary to overcome those barriers. The focused, evidence-based approach increased employee engagement and created buy-in for the shift in delivery model. 
Industry:  Financial services
Services:  Digital Twin, Organisation Transformation, Data & Analytics Business Modeling, Project Accelerator
Country: Canada


Setting the scene


BC Pension Corporation is one of the largest public-sector pension administrators in Canada, providing pension plans to one-in-nine citizens in British Columbia. It serves more than 1,100 employers and has more than 560,000 members. Collectively, its plans pay out more than CA$349 million in benefits each month to over 181,000 retirees. 

BC Pension fosters a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, with a passion for delivering an outstanding member experience. In response to increasing numbers of retirees, evolving member service expectations and an internal push for operational excellence, BC Pension embarked on a comprehensive digital transformation programme. The goal was to progress from paper-based processes to more modern, digital ways of working. BC Pension wanted to roll out digital self-serve facilities for members, to improve convenience and service without driving up operating costs. 

This required a fundamental change to the way people work. Although the vision was clear, the execution of the strategy (especially around supporting technology) had become unwieldy. People were not buying into the change and there were perceived issues around governance, decision-making, and the structure of service delivery. A lack of visibility around what was happening and why contributed to a breakdown in communications – and stalled progress.

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“We had our perceptions around what was inhibiting our strategy execution, and the Digital Twin broadened our thinking and enabled us to quickly validate exactly what the issues were, and what we could do about them”

Laura Nashman CEO, BC Pension Corporation

How we helped


PwC used its Digital Twin to distill precise, evidence-based insights using multiple lenses including organisation, culture and behaviours, and workforce. The Digital Twin captured a virtual model of the organisation and how it worked. It identified organisational and workforce inhibitors, and after analysis of the data, helped produce key recommendations to accelerate the strategy. 

Specifically, the top recommendations involved shifting away from re-engineering all processes to focus on digitising all inbound member information. The recommendations also addressed governance and decision-making, delivery team structure, and leadership and culture issues. The PwC team worked with the client to tailor the recommendations so that people could understand and adopt them. While the traditional approach might have taken up to two months, PwC’s Digital Twin allowed these elements to be analysed concurrently and holistically, generating actionable recommendations within just two weeks. It showed that governance and decision-making and team structures were complex, leading to resistance to adoption. The results were automatically generated, and the output displayed in a user-friendly format via a graphical dashboard.

Impact and potential


Although BC Pension’s CEO, Laura Nashman, knew there were underlying organisational and cultural barriers inhibiting the digital transformation delivery, data-based validation lent new credibility to her case. When the digital transformation stalled, there was a fear that the investment made in the new technology would be wasted. Replacing emotion with fact allowed Nashman to have structured conversations with her team and discuss viable solutions on how to move forward. Having identified key influencers and detractors through the Digital Twin, PwC helped BC Pension get them involved in the proposed solutions. There was no need to invest in complex new technology; rather, people could refocus efforts on solutions and approaches scaled to meet their specific needs.

"With PwC’s help, and aided by detailed diagnostics and customised recommendations generated at speed using our powerful Digital Twin, BC Pension Corporation took the brave call to galvanize the organisation around a new plan."

Shelley GilbergPwC, Partner
Zarand Miklos

Matt Siegel

Principal, PwC United States

Gábor Hosszu

Chris Greenwood

Partner, PwC Australia

Zarand Miklos

Shelley Gilberg

Partner, BC Public Sector Leader, Victoria, PwC Canada