The Exchange

The Exchange is an invitation-only, award-winning program hosted by PwC's Advisory practice.

Held twice a year, the in-depth, three-day forum provides senior executives a chance to tackle difficult business issues in an intimate, collaborate setting.

With an emphasis on innovation, strategy and outside-the-box thinking, the Exchange gives executives the knowledge, the network, and the know-how to succeed. Click here to learn more

What is PwC's Exchange?

PwC's Spring 2016 Exchange

“PwC is uniquely positioned to bring leaders across the industry, customers and thought leaders to generate a really interesting conversation. It’s time that I’m able to think strategically without a lot of the distractions of the office, and so it’s becoming an important part of my year.”

Linda Jacobsen, senior vice president of Lincoln Financial Group.

“The name ‘Exchange’ is very appropriate because you exchange a lot of different ideas as well as insights in terms of what others are doing.”

Daru Darukhanavala, chief technology officer, BP

“I like that after each of the talks there is a discussion and the discussion is quite rich, a wide range of responses, but it’s a small enough group you’re actually able to have the conversation.”

Kaaren Hanson, vice president of design and user experience, Medallia

“The Exchange is fantastic in that we bring together experts from all different industries. I’m really excited to get different perspectives from different points of view because I think it’s other industries that can bring the best solutions to transform our healthcare system.”

Josh Riff, senior vice president, Optum

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