Our views on ERM

10Minutes on managing risk and performance 10Minutes on managing risk and performance
10Minutes on managing risk and performance provides PwC's insights on strategies you can use to lay the foundations of an integrated approach to managing risk and performance that systematically links risk and reward, facilitates strategic decision making, improves operations and reduces costs.

Preparing for the  unknown Preparing for the unknown
The post-recession global economy will look very different from what US businesses are accustomed to. To prosper in this new environment, companies are adopting a new approach toward risk resilience.

A practical guide to risk assessment A practical guide to risk assessment
Risk assessment provides a mechanism for identifying which risks represent opportunities and which represent potential pitfalls. Done right, a risk assessment gives organizations a clear view of variables to which they may be exposed, whether internal or external, retrospective or forward-looking.

Preparing for the  unknown Managing emerging risks: Planning for the unknown
This PwC whitepaper explores why companies must adopt a systematic approach to emerging risk identification, assessment and management as part of their overall approach to enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

From vulnerable to valuable: How integrity can transform a supply chain
Part of our achieving operation excellence series, this PwC analysis of 600 companies that experienced supply chain disruptions shows that their average shareholder value plummeted.

Preparing for S&Ps ERM evaluation
Standard & Poor’s is refining its ratings process to include a review of enterprise risk management as practiced at nonfinancial companies. PwC believes that the S&P initiative to incorporate ERM reviews in its credit ratings for nonfinancial clients will help management and shareholders understand and confront the widening world of risk.

Point of view: Understanding the new private sector preparedness program
This PwC point of view discusses the legislation titled Implementing the Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007 (the Act) which created a federal program to encourage companies to develop business continuity and emergency management plans for catastrophic events.