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Driving innovation, adapting to change and managing risk to drive tax-related value and transformational growth for industrial products companies.

A changing tax landscape

While multinational, industrial products companies consider global megatrends and organizational goals for driving profitable growth, myriad factors are shaping the next iteration of tax strategy.

As a tax executive, you may be experiencing considerable pressure from internal and external stakeholders to enhance operational efficiencies and the effectiveness of your departments—through innovative processes and technologies. Further, with many countries vying for investment capital as well as tax revenue, you may be carefully monitoring evolving tax policy and legislation as well as regulatory and political issues to maximize incentives and related opportunities.

While you navigate the changing tax, global and business landscape, we're committed to sharing insightful perspectives that you can rely on. Delve into the following publications, videos, and other materials to learn more about the critical trends and issues that we're seeing, and the the potential impacts for your business.


Event spotlight

Talking Tax webcast - Insights on the latest developments on comprehensive tax reform legislation and related tax accounting considerations of potential reform.


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Talking tax reform

PwC’s David Camp, former Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and current Senior Policy Adviser, discusses how, in a world dominated by technology and the 24-hour news cycle, comprehensive tax reform must be transparent and involve the public from day one.

For further insights, watch David's conversation with the Intuit Tax & Financial Center.



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