Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

Challenges in the Pharmaceuticals and Life Science Industry

Looking for a strong relationship with advisors who deliver insight and value across all facets of your organization? PwC brings the experience of 5,000 global pharmaceutical and life sciences specialists working to deliver tailored business solutions across the entire pharma lifecycle — from strategy to execution. Learn how PwC works to address your most pressing business challenges by expanding the sections below:

Today’s pharma executives know strategy is a critical component of success, and superior strategies are grounded in deliberate decisions about investment, value, and differentiation. Within the context of a client’s market and business environment, PwC’s Strategy& team helps identify how pharma companies can win, which capabilities are important, and how to align their portfolio of businesses, products, and services in a coherent fashion.  Combining deep functional experience in strategy, operations, information technology, and organization with a unique strategic perspective based on our experience working across the health care continuum, we not only develop strategy, but also help deliver value and affect change. For more information or a private briefing, please contact Rick Edmunds

Pharmaceutical organizations navigating the complex regulatory and payer landscape are under increasing pressure to develop differentiated products that meet patient needs. With end-to-end capabilities — from discovery through development to product lifecycle management — PwC’s R&D team engages across functions to help enable more seamless business operations. In addition to collaborating on operational and technology challenges impacting R&D organizations, PwC brings capabilities across a number of key areas:

  • Strategic portfolio, project, and resource planning
  • Predictive and advanced research analytics to augment development programs
  • Data-driven approaches to help optimize trial design, accelerate study start-up, and improve recruitment
  • Quality and compliance solutions to proactively manage regulatory risks

For more information or a private briefing, please contact Michael Mentesana

Starting with the premise that operations can and should be a strategic capability, PwC helps clients build capabilities that drive tangible performance improvements in operations and supply chain while reducing risk.

Working closely with our pharmaceutical clients, we help them source and manufacture innovative products, strategically reduce supply chain costs, optimize their global footprints, improve capital efficiency, and realize deal value. In alignment with each client’s financial objectives, our teams help to build enduring, self-funding capabilities for lasting and transformative improvements to the bottom line. For more information or a private briefing, please contact Bernie Student

A solid commercial strategy requires clear understanding of the complexity of national and global product launches, innovative life cycle management approaches, and an ongoing focus on improving operations. PwC provides strategy through implementation on key business issues including channel and distribution strategies, digital and multichannel marketing initiatives, sales force strategies, payer and provider engagement, pricing and contracting plans, patient support services, and customer value proposition, all with consideration of industry compliance and regulatory standards. For more information or a private briefing, please contact Greg Rotz.

Digital, cloud computing, and analytics, which represent some of the latest transformational shifts in technology, are helping the healthcare industry take giant leaps forward to improve overall population health. Whether driving product innovation, helping bring new, safer drugs to market faster, or creating opportunities for new strategies to deliver value-based alternative care models to the healthcare consumer of the future, new technology can place a customer (patient, caregiver, healthcare professional), device, organization, or business process at the center of real change. At PwC, we connect and leverage new and existing technologies, data science, and health informatics to inform and support our clients’ business strategies. We help them take advantage of potential opportunities generated by the collision of the physical and digital worlds to create dynamic, dramatic improvements in how customers experience technology and develop seamless, efficient, and meaningful business solutions. For more information or a private briefing, please contact DanielGarrett

A well-structured deal can pave a short path to increasing enterprise value. With a carefully formulated strategy and skillful execution, a deal can help maintain growth through business cycles of expansion and recession. Today’s deals — often complex, large in scale, and broad in geographic scope — require sharp focus and strong commitment to fulfill the client’s transaction objectives.  Putting together a well-informed deal requires insight and experience. PwC’s dedicated deals practice helps clients to increase return on investment and reduce transaction risk by providing services and capabilities spanning the entire deal life cycle, from strategy and structuring, due diligence and valuation, to post-merger integration and value capture services. For more information or a private briefing, please contact Dimitri Drone.

Risks are no longer confined to discrete areas and functions. From regulatory pressures to consumers demanding increased transparency, organizations are increasingly seeking total solutions as opposed to point services. To meet this need, PwC’s assurance practice helps solve complex business issues faced by management and boards, and serves the public interest by supporting the capital markets system through reliable financial reporting. By assembling a diverse team of professionals, we provide insight, advisory services, and independent assurance that enable informed business decisions and provide safeguards in today’s complex operating environment.  For more information or a private briefing, please contact Karen Young.

Many of today’s business challenges — whether driven by the requirements of health reform, unconventional deal structures, or the need to operate on a global scale — create opportunities to improve the bottom line with knowledgeable tax planning. PwC understands the complex financial and global tax environment in which our clients conduct business, and we advise them on a wide range of issues that can affect not only the organization’s tax burden, but also its overall financial performance. For more information or a private briefing, please contact Kathleen Michael