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All publicly-traded companies in the United States must have a qualified audit committee as part of their board of directors. 

The important role of the audit committee includes oversight of financial reporting, monitoring compliance, accounting policies and risk management oversight. Increasingly, audit committees are being tasked with oversight of IT and cybersecurity.

The Governance Insights Center provides easy access to resources that help boards and audit committee members gain knowledge and stay abreast of issues specifically relating to the role the audit committee plays.


Audit Committee Excellence Series

The variety of topic areas, high volume of information and ever-changing regulatory environment can make it challenging for audit committee members to stay abreast of the numerous topics on which they may be called on to offer oversight.

Our Audit Committee Excellence Series strives to educate on timely topics relating to audit committee purpose, responsibilities and associated subject matter. Whether it relates to the charter of the audit committee, oversight of financial reporting, monitoring compliance and accounting policies, dealing with investigations or topics relating to risk oversight, our series strives to provide guidance and insights on audit committee essentials.

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