2015 Global Digital IQ Survey

The 2015 Digital IQ survey was conducted July through September 2015 and included 1,909 respondents from 51 countries. Responses were aggregated into 6 regions and 10 industries.

It identifies 10 critical factors that correlate with stronger financial performance.

Digital IQ leaders were twice as likely to achieve more rapid revenue and profit growth. 


2014 Digital IQ Survey

PwC’s 6th Annual Digital IQ survey was conducted in the fall of 2013. The global survey included 1,494 respondents from 36 countries. Answers were aggregated into five regions and 11 industries.


2013 Digital IQ Survey

PwC’s 5th annual Digital IQ survey was conducted in the fall of 2012. The global survey included 1,108 respondents from 12 countries.


2012 Digital IQ Survey

The fourth annual Digital IQ Survey was conducted by PwC and included responses from 489 US companies with annual revenues of more than $500 million (with an emphasis on those with $1 billion or more in revenue).