Creating value beyond the deal: industry insights

Market disruption is driving M&A activity in all sectors, but not all deal activity is maximising value creation. At the same time, all industries are being affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak; although the overall scale and impact are yet to be determined, they are already significant.

Even in industries that are realising returns, a greater focus is still needed across the board on strategy and planning, as well as consideration of culture early on. To explore the unique and shared challenges of a variety of industries, we interviewed c-suite executives, globally, to uncover how they create value from their M&A.

What if you took a different perspective to your M&A?



Lessons learned across industries

We found that once a deal has been signed, there is a marked difference between different industries on how they focus on value creation. We know that companies that genuinely prioritise value creation early on have a better track record of maximising value in a deal. But, then why in some industries is the strategic plan not a key Day One consideration?

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